Schrimmer Design Group, LLC (SDG) was established in 2003 under the tenets of Bruce Schrimmer, who’s over thirty (30) years of experience in the Professional industry has formed the doctrines under which the organization is guided and managed.  The firm is founded on the principal that all good design must address & satisfy the stated objectives of the respective Client who has retained the organization to provide them with Design Services.  

To this extent, as a smaller “boutique” type firm SDG is staffed with seasoned professionals, each bringing a wealth of experience in his / her respective discipline, that when combined  forms a core that seamlessly manages a project as it transitions through the multiple Phases of the Design Process.  

Beginning with Bruce Schrimmer, it is this core of these professionals that will undertake and follow the Project throughout, in their respective discipline, until Project Completion.

It is this experience and chemistry that we believe provides us with the foundation and tools to help the Client understand the process, to assist them in gathering, collecting and assembling the pertinent information needed to establish the Project parameters, and for SDG to identify, formulate, understand, manage & provide solutions to the Client such that their Design is managed and ultimately serviced.  It is our Team and Project process that we believe sets us apart from most of the other design firms. 

mission statement

A successful design is one that is able to incorporate all the elements that comprise the client’s needs, more specifically their program requirements, and translate those requirements into a design that is first and foremost functional.  It must also create an aesthetic statement, one that is timeless and conveys an identity that represents a client’s desired image.  The solution must also meet the client’s budgetary constraints and be successfully completed within the parameters of any given schedule.  

Schrimmer Design Group LLC’s mission is to understand those program requirements and put into effect a design that responds to and addresses all of these program requirements using the assets that forms the core of our organization.

our committment

Schrimmer Design Group, LLC takes a very unique approach toward working with our Clientele.  We believe that experience, talent and chemistry are the key elements in the implementation of any design project.  SDG’s approach to staffing is to attract experience.  Our commitment is to staff your project with a team of professionals that have experience, knowledge, creativity, and chemistry to follow through and listen to a client’s needs in order to effectively translate those needs into a functional and aesthetic design.