bruce schrimmer


As a graduate of CCNY’s School of Architecture five (5) year degreed program, Mr. Bruce A. Schrimmer, AIA, has over thirty-five (35) years of experience practicing in the field of Architecture, Interior Design & Space Planning and Project Management, as a licensed Architect in and around the Tri-State Area, as well as working with Clientele on a National basis.

During the course of his thirty five (35) plus years of experience, Mr. Schrimmer has associated himself with a number of large and diversified Design Organizations with the primary focus of learning all of the different facets and phases that comprise the Design Process.   It is through these experiences that Mr. Schrimmer developed his own unique style of undertaking, implementing and following through on the Design Process through service oriented management style.

Schrimmer Design Group, LLC (SDG) was founded in 2001 with the intent on providing and expanding on his unique approach, style and servicing of accounts in working with his current Clientele and the development of new.  Mr. Schrimmer believes that experience, talent and chemistry are the key elements in the implementation of any Design Project.  As SDG can be considered a “boutique” practice, SDG is able to provide our Clientele with a seasoned “hands on” style of design, service and management, throughout the Project Process. As such, SDG’s commitment is to staff your Project with a team of Professionals, that will include Mr. Schrimmer’ direct involvement, and, that have the experience, knowledge, creativity, and chemistry to follow through and listen to a Client’s needs in order to effectively translate those needs into a functional and aesthetic design.

Simply stated, SDG is a unique process oriented and process driven firm that assists our Clientele in identifying and developing specific Project objectives and parameters.  Working in conjunction with our Clients, SDG will then develop a creative architectural strategy that will meet our Client’s objectives, address our Client’s corporate identity and culture, and work within our Client’s budgetary framework & schedule.

charles poblete

technical director

Mr. Poblete comes to Schrimmer Design Group (SDG) in the capacity of Director of Production & Technical Services with over twenty (20) years of experience in the Architectural Interior Design field.  In his capacity, Mr. Poblete has two (2) primary responsibilities: one (1) of which is insure that all construction documents leaving SDG have been reviewed by him for quality control purposes; and secondly to take on Projects whereby the design intent requires a comprehensive set of construction drawings that necessitate close coordination with the Design Team, are intricate in nature by the virtue of the design and require complex detailing in order to convey and execute the design. 

At SDG we believe that a comprehensive set of closely coordinated contract documents are vital to the project process.  They must convey the design intent to the Contractor, insuring that the Bidding Process is not complicated by an unnecessary amount of RFI’s, makes it easier to level the Bids, and reduces the number of potential change orders a Client may be subjected to.  Mr. Poblete takes great pride in insuring that to the best of our abilities all of the contract documents that leave SDG’s offices meets these stringent requirements.

Mr. Poblete has worked for a number of well known design organizations over the years having spent a combined eight (8) years with The Switzer Group in two (2) different employment stints with them and another seven (7) years with Cannon Design here in New York. 

Mr. Poblete is a Registered Architect in the Philippines and a member of the United Architects of the Philippines (UAP) where he graduated from the University of Santo Tomas with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture.

gary waisman

senior director

Mr. Waisman studied architecture at Pratt Institute and is a registered architect. He worked for WYS Design Partnership Architects, an Architecture and Design firm, for 20 years where he eventually became the principal. The firm's projects included new residential construction, loft conversions, commercial interior, zoning and code analysis. In 2014 he decided to join forces with Schrimmer Design Group (SDG) to bring his experience and talents in the architecture field to the firm, thus adding an Architectural component to SDG's Interior Design focus, and with that rounding out SDG's talents that can be brought to the table to successfully achieve our client goals.

Mr. Waisman has successfully designed and completed many residential and commercial projects including residential buildings, office interiors, building enlargements, and retail space, including projects involving the NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission, and has considerable knowledge of building code and zoning issues.

He works closely with the general contractor to implement the the design intent, has considerable knowledge of all aspects of construction and is considered a "hands on type of architect" and can make quick adjustments in the field to accommodate unforeseen conditions, and is accomplished in overseeing construction practice and principles throughout all phases of a projects.

tanya naumova

senior designer

sarika bajoria

senior designer

jung kim

senior designer

rita gonzalez

project designer

kira hajosch

project designer

aldine sumolang

project designer

juyean lee

project manager/senior architect

agnes im

project manager/senior architect

midori takada

project manager/senior architect

priscilla wong

senior architect

ysabelle gamoso


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